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Denver Public Health Report Finds Depression is a Common, Critical Local Health Issue  

On November 15, 2018 we released one of the most comprehensive reports yet on depression in Denver. This analysis of depression is important, the report says, because mental health is a key component of overall health. “Depression in Denver: Through the Lifespan,” explains that:

  • Depression is common at every stage of life.
  • Income, housing, food security, social status, and life experiences can all affect how an individual experiences depression and if they are able to access help.
  • Effective treatments for depression are available in our city, but most people don’t seek them. 

Read the full report.

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It's Flu Season - Get Your Flu Shot Today!

Every person six months and older needs the flu shot every year to stay healthy! This flu season, you can get your flu shot at Denver Public Health clinic, or at our fast track flu shot kiosk.

The fast track flu shot kiosk is located in the front registration area of the Immunization Clinic and offers flu shots for adults.

Protect yourself and your loved ones - stop in and get vaccinated today!

Where else can you get the vaccine?

  • Your doctor's office
  • Many area drug stores

Please call (303) 602-3520 for more information.

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