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Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS)



Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS) is a collaborative regional pilot project that uses electronic health record (EHR) data to monitor public health trends, as well as to measure the efficacy of public health interventions.

How CHORDS Works

CHORDS collects, analyzes and presents data from participating partner EHRs into one, easy-to-use registry per topic area. CHORDS securely exchanges data by removing personally identifiable information.

Each registry collects and presents health information specific to its topic area. For example, to monitor tobacco use, CHORDS collects demographic characteristics and geographic information on the patient and their visit, in addition to whether or not the patient uses or is exposed to tobacco. This information is extracted and used to populate the tobacco registry. No identifying information about the patient is presented in the registry's reports.

Each participating health care provider chooses which registry they want to participate in and contribute data to. For instance, a children's hospital would not provide data on adult indicators.

Learn more about CHORDS from a CDC Webinar and the Colorado Culture of Data Conference.

How Does CHORDS Improve Public Health?

Obesity, tobacco use, mental health conditions, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions contribute to increased illness, healthcare costs, and preventable, premature deaths. CHORDS provides an efficient, easy-to-use way to track population trends (across healthcare providers) and show the outcomes of policies and clinical- and community-based interventions.

With CHORDS, public health officials can:

  • Monitor health indicators (e.g., community Body Mass Index [BMI], community diagnosis and control of cholesterol and/or hypertension) across populations.
  • Identify demographic characteristics and geographic areas at higher risk of poor health behaviors and outcomes.
  • Support policy, clinical and community health-based initiatives to prevent or intervene around specific behaviors or diseases by tracking clinical measures over time.

How CHORDS is Funded

CHORDS is supported by several federal and state grants/contracts and non-profit foundations. Its founding members include Colorado-based healthcare providers, local and state health departments, and the University of Colorado Denver. Have other questions about CHORDS? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions about CHORDS page for answers.

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