Denver COVID-19 Protect Our Neighbors Metrics

The Protect Our Neighbors framework was drafted in partnership between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado, with input from local elected officials, the business community, the health care community, and the general public. Protect Our Neighbors is the third framework in Colorado’s reopening plans, allowing communities that can demonstrate strong public health and health care systems, paired with low virus levels, to take more control over their own reopening plans.

In the Protect Our Neighbors phase, local public health agencies must meet certain performance measures including containing current and future surge levels of disease through the following functions:

  • Assurance of community testing, case investigation, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.
  • Outbreak response including site-specific closures.
  • Targeted public health orders.

The metrics below have been identified as specific indicators to help counties decide when the right time is to apply to move into the Protect Our Neighbors phase. We will continue to monitor these values to help inform public health actions and guidance moving forward.