COVID-19 Case Investigation Metrics

Laboratories and health systems are required to report all positive COVID-19 laboratory results among Colorado residents to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) via the Colorado Electronic Disease Reporting System (CEDRS). After a report into CEDRS, COVID-19 cases are assigned to the local public health agency in the county of residence for follow up and investigation.

Staff from Denver Public Health conduct case interviews or medical record reviews with all persons with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 who reside in the city and county of Denver. Denver Public Health aims to initiate contact with all cases within 24 hours of reporting. Denver Public Health COVID-19 case interviewers gather sociodemographic data, including epidemiologic and clinical information such as the origin of exposure, travel and work during illness, symptoms and symptom onset, occupation, activities in the days prior to and after symptom onset, household size, contacts, and resource needs. Interviewers will attempt to contact a person at least 3 times; if someone is unable to be reached after 3 contact attempts a medical record review is conducted instead.

In the dashboard below, you will find information about case investigation metrics for COVID-19 cases reported among people who reside in the city and county of Denver. This includes the percent of people DPH is unable to get in contact with by week, the number of days it takes to complete an interview, and the percent of cases we are able to initiate contact with within 24 hours of report.