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Let's Talk about Mental Health

What is mental health? It is the health of our mind and a state of balance in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Positive mental health allows us to feel good about life, supporting our ability to participate in daily activities and accomplish our goals.

More than half a million Coloradans say they have a week or more of poor mental health every month. Whether it's feeling sad, anxious or stressed - we all can experience it, and we all can feel better when we open up and tell someone how we feel.

Let's start talking! Let's talk for ourselves, for our families, for our friends.

Visit for tips on how to start the conversation, and resources for help.


Public Health Services in Denver

Together Denver Public Health and Denver's Department of Public Health and Environment provide comprehensive, high-quality public health services for the City and County of Denver. Visit Denver's Department of Public Health and Environment's website for information about food safety inspections, environmental protection, animal protection, the medical examiner’s office, public health inspections, and more.