Public Health Pharmacy

We serve patients of any Denver Public Health clinic. We can help you:

  • Get your medicines in a timely way.
  • Understand your medicines and their interactions and side effects.
  • Coordinate with your care provider.
  • Understand how to manage your medications safely.

Our Location

The Public Health Pharmacy is on the 5th floor of the Denver Public Health building. For your convenience, Denver Health offers additional pharmacy locations around the Denver Metro Area.

Prescription Refills and Renewals

Online prescription refills and renewals can be requested through Denver Health MyChart. MyChart is a secure online service that provides direct, anytime access to your or your family’s health information, and allows simple health care management from any smartphone or computer. Read our MyChart Explainer to learn how MyChart works improve your care experience at Denver Health.

To refill or renew prescriptions online, ask questions and get information on specific medications, or view your prescription records, please visit MyChart. To refill your prescription over the phone, use our telephone refill system by calling 303-602-8762. If you need help regarding how to refill a prescription over the phone please call (303) 436-4488. Refill requests received by 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, will be available the next business day after 11 a.m.

To refill prescriptions you will be asked for the following information:

  • Medical record number (see picture below for info location)
  • Prescription number or name of the medicine
  • Birth date

It is recommended to call in refills 3-4 days in advance to ensure medications will be refilled on time.

DPH Pharmacy Label Graphic

We require two days to process refill request, which allows us time to complete the following:

  • We need to check your CICP, ADAP and insurance.
  • We may need your provider to approve the refill.

I lost my medicines. What do I do?

You will probably need to pay a co-pay or the full cost of the medicine.  If medicines were given to you free of charge, then the program that paid for the medicines must approve an early refill. 

Call the pharmacy and we can work on it together.

What is ADAP?

ADAP is the Colorado "AIDS Drug Assistance Program"

  • ADAP pays for all HIV medications and other medicines used to prevent infections for people who are HIV+.
  • ADAP requires you to provide proof of income, proof of insurance if you work, and proof that you live in Colorado.
  • There is a short application form that needs to be filled out twice a year.

How do I apply for ADAP or e-new my ADAP application?

You need to make an appointment with our financial screener at (303) 602-8710. 

When does my ADAP coverage expire?

ADAP is renewed every six months on the last day of your birth month and the last day six months from your birth month.

For example, a person born in January would renew their ADAP application BEFORE January 31 AND July 31.


How do I update my CICP?

You need to make an appointment with a financial screener at (303) 602-3520.

Where to Keep your Medicines

  • In a cool, dry place that help remind you to take them.
  • NOT in the sun, the bathroom or the car.
  • Ritonavir (Norvir) capsules will melt if the temperature is above 70°.
  • Away from children and other family members.

What to ask the Pharmacist

  • What each medicine is for.
  • ANY questions you have about your medicines such as:
    • If my pills look different, are they the same?
    • Why did you change my dose when my care provider didn't say anything about a different dose?
    • Why is the name on the bottle different from what my care providers said?


  • Many drugs interact with other prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and food. Be sure to ask our pharmacist about potential interactions.

Important Reminders

  • Know the names of your medicines
    • Most medicines have at least two names (the generic name and the brand or trade name).
  • Have a list of all your medicines with you at all times.
    • Your care provider should give you a list of medicines every time there is a change.
    • You can ask your care provider or the pharmacist for a list of your medicines at any time.
  • Tell your care provider and pharmacist about the following.
    • Vitamins, supplements and other medicines you take
    • Any allergies you have to medicines and the reaction (rash, breathing problems, stomachache, etc.).

Keep Track of Your Medications

It can be difficult to take many different kinds of medication. The pharmacy can help when you have a complicated combination of medicines. “Medicine on Time” is a system that puts all of the pills that you are supposed to take at the same time into one section of a blister pack (a pre-formed plastic package with a foil backing) to make it easier for you to manage. Ask your care provider or the pharmacy about this service.