Vaccine Costs

Vaccine Costs

Denver Public Health's Immunization Clinic is an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Center as designated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Available adult and travel vaccines are individually priced.  

Travel Vaccines

You are REQUIRED to make a travel consultation appointment if:

  • You need a prescription (such as malaria, traveler's diarrhea or high altitude sickness.) 
  • You need a Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • If you do not know what vaccinations you need for travel and want recommendations.

Travel Consultations fill up quickly, we recommend making appointments at least six week prior to your travel dates.

A travel consultation which includes Malaria prescritiopns, is $60 for the first person int eh family/group, $60 for each additional adult and $25 for each addition child, plus the cost of immunizations. Visit our Travel Clinic web page for more details on services.

Clients returning for follow-up doses of a series are only charged for the cost of the vaccine. There is no additional consultation fee.

Vaccine Prices

Vaccine Price More Information
Cholera  $245
  • This is given as a drink and must be taken in the Immunization Clinic
  • Do not take antibiotics for 10 days before receiving the cholera vaccine.
  • Avoid eating or drinking one hour before and after receiving the vaccine.
  • This vaccine should be completed 10 days before traveling to an area with cholera.
 Hepatitis A (Adult) $80 per dose Two dose series
Hepatitis B (Adult) $65 per dose Three dose series
Hib $30 Doctor's approval
HPV $215 per dose Two or three dose series
Seasonal Influenza (Flu) $25 Injectable
High Dose Flu $46 Ages 65+
Immune Globulin $65 Nurse recommendation only. We don't currently carry IG
Inactive Polio Vaccine $50 IPV
 Japaenese Encephalitis $300 per dose Two dose series, ages two months and older
Measles, Mumps, Rubella $85 per dose  
Menactra $140  
MCV4 $125  
Meningococcal B $180 per dose Two doses, offered for 18-22 year olds
Pneumonococcal Pneumonia  $110 Age 65 and older
Rabies $305 per dose Three dose series
Shingles $230